Nine Choice Steps

God’s greatest gift to us in life was free will. That free will is experienced on many levels as choice. Life, itself, is a series of choices! We then experience the consequences of those choices and are free to choose again–either the same or differently! Each choice is a seed which WILL produce its fruit. Everything in life will be a reflection of the choices we have made up to that moment. This week, we are invited to be aware of the mental choices we are making from moment to moment; to be sensitive to that inner voice that was given to guide us in those choices. Then, we are invited to choose wisely; be they sweet or bitter, we will taste the fruits of the choice seeds we plant.


Today, we use Starfish (not really fish), also called Sea Stars, as examples of certain spiritual Truths. In Roman mythology, starfish represent Venus, the goddess of love. Since they have five legs, we will deal with five Love-related Truths. The first is perception: yes, the starfish has eyes – on the end of each of its five legs, giving it 360 degree vision; albeit, not as clear as that of human eyes. We, as humans, also have inner vision/perception, which we call intuition, that needs no eyes! Our other starfish-like attributes are sensitivity, healing, renewal (or as Fillmore called it; regeneration) and flourishing. As we recognize and learn to use these attributes, we will also be supporting our spiritual growth in all other areas of our lives.

Go For G.O.L.D.

Per Dan Gable, “Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” So, what is this Gold Medal for which athletes devote their strength, determination, dreams – their very lives – to attain? “Why?” one would ask, when it will most likely simply be framed and displayed, but other than that, will have no use! What, in OUR lives, do WE consider so valuable as to devote the totality of our being to attain? Will it be something to display on a shelf, for a few to see? Or something to radiate, on a daily basis, for the whole world to see; something which will benefit not only us, but all whom we touch! We are invited, this week to reexamine our priorities and, if appropriate, make some self-nurturing changes. Gold is obtained by washing/burning away all that is not Gold. When we release all that does not support our highest good, we are going for the GOLD standard of God Ordained Life Demonstrated!

Christ Navigator

Each and every one of us has, within, a guidance system, known by different names: gut-feeling, little nudge, conscience or intuition. We can use it to lead us to our goal, or goals, whether they be worldly or spiritual. Our job is to acquaint ourselves with this inner “system” and learn how to properly use it! This week, we are invited to use it as a navigator; to let us know WHERE we are in relation to our goal, the DIRECTION in which we need to proceed and the POSSIBLE HAZARDS in our path! We are given, today, some tools–some words of wisdom–to keep in mind. Let us remember always that this guide is WITHIN, always ready, always eager and always holding our highest good as the ultimate goal.