Kingdom Seeds

“Oranges don’t grow on apple trees!” Or, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” (Gal 6:7-8) Let’s make it a little more definite! “As a man thinketh, so is he.” (Prov. 23:7) We are CONSTANTLY sowing seeds, mentally! That they take time to mature and bear fruit is the reason why we usually don’t recognize why we have this health challenge or that financial one! Our subconscious records and stores our every thought-seed and, if we “nurture” it by repetition, it WILL come to fruition! This week, we are invited (admonished, if you will) to be constantly aware of our thoughts, to keep them in harmony with Wisdom, Love and the Truth of your being: that of Absolute Perfection.



Love! Some of us spend our lives searching for it. Biblically, we are commanded to love. It is the “fulfillment of the Law.” But how many of us stop to really understand what it really IS? It is definitely more than an emotion, that “sweet” feeling we have for another, be it a friend, family, or a favorite celebrity! Having many facets, essentially, love is ALL that IS! For God is Love and God is all in all; it is what we are! It is also what comprises the whole universe, from the farthest galaxy to our innermost thought! YES, whatever we are thinking about, on a recurring basis, we are loving! This week, we are invited to love SELF, for that comes FIRST, that we might love our neighbor, to be aware of those thoughts we are loving and most of all, in greater understanding of its many facets, to celebrate the Love that IS, in and through and as ALL that is!



Every Jewish name for God, in the Bible, is both male and female! Divine motherhood is present in every spiritual tradition of Truth! Divine feminine is the feeling aspect of beingness, while  male is the thinking aspect. Since God is both and humankind is the perfect image and likeness, we too, are both. Ours is to “marry” the two in ways that are in accordance with that perfection, power, wisdom and love that are our birthright! However, feeling ALWAYS follows thought; something that we, at times, may tend to forget. When we pray, we must do it in the JOYFUL, GLAD FEELING–that our prayers are already answered, if we are to manifest accordingly! And, if we wish to stay in joy, happiness and freedom, we must discipline our thoughts, keeping them in line with TRUTH–but that will come a little later, for Father’s Day!


Christ Reminders

Since started, by Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, Unity and its teachings have been changing lives for the better. The biggest change, for most of us is that of the Indwelling Christ, ever present, healing, guiding, blessing us! Psychology talks of “triggers,” in our daily lives that can bring on fear, anger, regret, etc. But, we can create for ourselves triggers to remind us of the TRUTH of our being; of our innate perfection as children of the Most High, of His presence in and through and as us, of His peace, power, joy, freedom and love! Triggers that we can pull knowing that in God, the target is ALWAYS ABSOLUTE GOOD!