Divine Wilderness

During Lent, we often “fast” from all forms of negativity, as we prepare for the risen Christ in our consciousness. As we are “fasting” from this negativity and error thought, we may find ourselves missing those familiar, albeit not-so-good favorites upon which we relied; “It’s HIS/HER/THEIR fault!” “I can’t STAND…(fill in the blank)” or, “Why should I have to forgive–do the work–be the one!” etc. Without these to fall back on, we may find ourselves groping, feeling lost. Welcome to the Divine Wilderness! It’s unfamiliar! It can be scary! But it’s right where we need to be!! God has put us here–and is guiding us through it!! Spirit is providing for us every step of the way! Let’s CELEBRATE this, our transformation period into a higher, sweeter, more peaceful, loving state of consciousness!

Divine Will

“It is what it is,” I said. I was immediately corrected, “It is what you make of it!” Herein starts my–and our–awareness of Divine Will, the executive power of the mind! What WILL I make of it? We’ve long heard, “As I give, so will I receive.” What is given is determined by what we WILL to give!! So, what WILL we give? We can give, do, be according to our own understanding, or we can turn our individual wills over to that universally perfect will of God! We can allow that perfect Love, Wisdom, Strength–all that God is–express in and through and as us, according to Divine Will! This week, we all are invited to take that leap of faith (again, our choice! According to our will!) and allow Divine Will to raise us high above anything we, of our own individual understanding could possibly achieve!! So, WILL we do it?


As we enter the Lenten Season, we are preparing for the resurrection, within, of  “the same mind that was in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 2:5) To do this, we release old, mortal beliefs, that Truth might fill our consciousness, and our lives, in every area.

Lovin’ the Shadow

We each have a “face” that everybody sees! Smiling, happy, strong and at peace!! People see and love this “self” that we allow to show. We take care of it, groom it and treat to special goodies, at times. But, there is another “self” that we seldom feel comfortable allowing others to see; that inner, wounded child is much too vulnerable to be exposed! Part of the time, we, ourselves, try to ignore, and other times we actively try to reject it. We regard it as an “enemy.” There is another option!! We can LOVE it!! After all it is part of US and if we are to love God, or anybody else in the word, we must learn to love and care for ourselves–ALL of ourselves! This is the unconditional love we are taught to have, in Scripture: we are admonished to love our enemies–to pray for them. This “enemy” WITHIN us, is our past wounds, negative experiences, fears and resentments–and is there FOR us! As we learn to love it and heal it, we become truer expressions of the God-presence and glory that we ARE! We free ourselves–to love ALL–on a higher level; to BE emanations of Love, itself!!