The Calling

How many of us has, at some time, thought, “What am I doing here?” Seems we all are searching for the answer to that question on one level or another. Jesus, in John 12:32 gave His answer; and, perhaps, the answer for us ALL: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” This doesn’t mean that we have to suffer the cross, as He did, but we WILL, each and every one, be called to carry our own! We each have a calling to be “lifted up” in some way; to shine a light to help others, to BE that perfect image and likeness that God created us to be!! The good news is that God, indwelling, is constantly, forever loving us, supporting us, giving us HIS guidance, strength and endurance–EVERYTHING we need–to do that perfect work: Our Calling!



We’re familiar with all of the sayings! There are probably more about Karma than any other law; “As you give”…”Do unto others”…or more from slang language; “You asked for it!!” What we may fail to realize is that Karma–both good and bad–is not something that happens TO us, but rather, THROUGH us! It is part of the law of attraction, the law of giving and receiving and the Truth that ALL is ONE! We cannot do unto others, give unto others or take from others without doing to, giving to or taking from Self! This brings us home to the questions: “Do I love myself, respect myself, forgive myself?” For it is in answering these questions that we will determine our Karma; the fruit of our seeds of self-love, self-respect, self-forgiveness or lack thereof! The law is totally impersonal!! This week, we are invited to do some self-analysis. Karma will be waiting for our answers!!

Spiritual, Not Religious

There is an old saying, used by people who have already been “there:” that goes like this: Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell; Spirituality is for those who have already been there and back.” Unity, though Bible-based, teaches from the spiritual aspect. It acknowledges Universal God Presence, God Love and God Intelligence AND God’s Universal Law in place from the beginning, and how they are alive and active IN US! Unity teaches how, in addition to our denials, affirmations and requests of God, our thoughts, words and actions are also ALL forms of “prayer” and that these prayers we pray, sometimes unwittingly, WILL be answered in our experience! Herein lies our power! We have learned that God, hearing all, answers THROUGH all; if we will only be watching and listening! A bird in flight or a horse grazing in some field–if we are in tune–may be the perfect answer to some question which we have presented. Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind WILL manifest, if we nourish it with repetition and faith!! Let us plant seeds of peace, love, harmony, joy and ALL that we would have God manifest in and through and as us!

“LIBERTY!” A divine idea—and a messy idea!! With it comes responsibility!! Often represented by “Lady Liberty;” a figure that represents receptivity. Liberty is a gift we receive from God! As we celebrate the birth of our nation, we are reminded that the freedom we share is a Sacred Idea in the Mind of God! Created in the image and likeness, man MUST be free to choose. We are invited, this week to choose, not according to how the world does, but according to how Spirit leads. We are invited to access that lead through prayer and meditation; to follow its principles in our everyday lives. In so doing, we shine the light of True Freedom for all to see and to follow. Indeed, our freedom will be a magnet, drawing all to Itself; the Indwelling Christ!