Spiritual Fuse

In this age of electricity, we all KNOW the importance of fuses!! If one goes out, a whole section of the house is disabled. Spiritual Fuses are the same! They connect us with our Authentic, Christ Self, thereby giving us access to the fullness of its power, much the same as a light switch does for the light, on a much smaller scale! This spiritual energy which is opened to us unites – or fuses –  us with all of life’s blessings! We can use this fuse to act upon substance, thereby healing bodies, prospering finances, opening opportunities, fulfilling dreams. We must remember, however, that WE control the fuse! WE have the authority — unless we give it away. We are invited to CONNECT, through prayer and meditation, and FUSE, this week, to all that we are meant to be and have and do!

Joy: Look Around

How many times does the word, “joy” enter into our daily conversations? More importantly, how many times do we FEEL it? There is no reason it cannot be a normal part of our everyday lives, for joy comes from within!! It is not dependent on outside circumstances; you need not wait for them to change to experience its expression in and through and as you! There ARE certain things you can do to support your ability to claim and experience it! A few of them are, living in the present, gratitude, selflessness/giving and, of course, spending time in the silence! YOU can stir up that wonderful joy inside of your own inner self; it takes only your decision to do so! We are all invited to live this coming week in pure, unadulterated JOY!!

Water’s Mystic Lessons

As we look at some of the qualities of water, this week, we can gain greater insight into our own spiritual nature! Any builder will tell you, “Water cannot be stopped. The best you can do is direct it!” HOW we direct it will determine whether it powers an electric plant or wipes out an entire village. Water is the first thing space scientists look for when trying to determine if a foreign planet will sustain life! Water has no agenda, it seeks, according to its nature, it’s own level–and THAT can be raised or lowered according to the phase of the moon. So, too, we seek our own level; however, unknowingly, we often aim too low! That level that we seek can sometimes be influenced by outside forces, too! Looking back at the unstop-ability of water, let us, too, be unstop-able in our goal of reaching that level of Christhood, available to us all! The TRUE source of all life!

A Gateway Consciousness

How many times have we wondered, “Why am I here?” Or, even, for some of us, “Where did I come from?” The answer is that we came from One; from One-ness. We all have a sense of this, though not necessarily on a conscious level. We do all have a sense, though false, of separation (from this One). We are all seeking that One-ness from which we came! How are we to get there? We have to go through the GATE; our consciousness. A Gateway Consciousness is one which opens us to the remembrance of our oneness with the One, and through that, with each other and the universe. Our willingness opens the gate, allowing us passage. However, there are some things which cannot pass through. We must leave them on this side. A small price to pay for the wonders that await us on the other side.