Mind’s Spiritual Incubator

We are born into this world totally innocent of who and what we are…we simply are! We need a spiritual “incubator!” Much like that apparatus which keeps newborns alive, when they need a little something extra, we are given a physical body in a physical plane which keeps us, as we grow into our true awareness of SELF. In comes Metaphysics! Metaphysics teaches us, not how to avoid reality, but how to LIVE it successfully; to unlock the immense spiritual powers within us in ways that make of us a blessing to the world! Last, but not least, we are brought to the great realization of our ONENESS with GOD, and each other, at which time, we step forth that God, in and through and as us accomplishes His  divine purpose!


None who have died for the cause of freedom have died in vain!! OURS is to be WORTHY of the sacrifices that they made! America was founded on the principles that were the building blocks of freedom! But freedom is not free–nor is it easy! It requires constant effort on our part: integrity, bravery, dedication, foresight and more! These are all qualities we receive directly from God! We are invited, this week, to take some time and turn within to that secret place where we are gifted, by God, with ALL we need! Let us, also, give thanks for and bless those how sacrificed their lives to give us the ability to live ours in this wonderful thing we call Freedom!

Christ Yoked

To many, the idea of being “yoked” means burdened, restricted and a number of other negative ideas. However, when, we look at the biblical meaning–even the literal one–we are reminded that their owners would often yoke young oxen with an older, more experienced one, which would TEACH the younger one all that it needed to know, aiding it with superior strength. Likewise, when we become–voluntarily–yoked with Christ, our burdens/challenges are, surprisingly, LIGHTENED, and we are given the strength and wisdom to “carry” them more effectively! Our way is made clear! The challenges actually turn into blessings, because we, through a change of mind, see them in a whole new light.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, this year as always, we are encouraged to honor those motherly characteristics–first in God and then in each other–of love, tenderness, caring, support, patience–all those things for which mothers are known! We are reminded that these things FIRST are expressed in God and then through ALL! As such, God’s will for us of health, happiness, success, beauty and joy, though honored, this day in Mothers, is in each and every one of us, just waiting to manifest in all that we think, say and do. Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother-God in you, through you and as you!