Mind Engagement

Our INDIVIDUAL MINDS, combined with our awareness and will, might be compared, loosely, to an automobile’s transmission; transferring the POWER OF DIVINE MIND TO THE “WHEELS” OF OUR EXPERIENCE. We, in the use of our will, choose which gear—including reverse—in which we wish to drive! Many have become so used to today’s automatic transmissions—doing the deciding FOR us, as we climb hills, slow for turns or speed up to make that light—that we couldn’t BEGIN to drive yesterday’s manual transmissions, which require constant awareness and split-second decision-making. The same might apply to our use of the power behind our thoughts! This week, we are invited to be AWARE of our chosen thoughts; their character and their intensity, and where they are leading us! It is in our CHOICE of thoughts, that we POWER our experiences. One would not drive a Maserati the same as a VW; likewise, we are invited, this week, to HONOR the MATCHLESS POWER behind our chosen thoughts; choose them wisely, and THEN, gently engage that accelerator to enjoy an exciting, happy journey, to wherever our thoughts take us!.

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