Taking an inventory of self can be a most difficult thing to do! We don’t want to face the negative aspects, and are afraid to acknowledge the good ones. Lent is a time for renewal, but in order to accomplish this, we MUST do this inner work. The GOOD NEWS: this has ZERO to do with judging ourselves, rather it is to determine those things we wish to keep and those we wish to discard! The NEXT GOOD NEWS is that we have HELP! Our own souls, united with Divine Spirit, are always waiting to inform, guide, and give us the strength to follow through with any action needed. Through prayer and meditation, we can realize and acknowledge those God-given things that raise us ever higher–and how to strengthen them. Then, we can discern ANYTHING in consciousness or actions that does not support us in this aim and release those thoughts,  which do not serve us. All thoughts are the starting point of all manifestation, be it wanted or not-so.


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