A Lenten Attitude

On this, our second Sunday in Lent, we are invited to become aware of our attitudes. The word Lent can be used as an acronym for Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking! For most people, attitudes are based on past life experiences. However, when we learn to be consciously aware that there is One Life, One Power and One Substance, we find life taking on a whole new meaning; a freshness and a freedom of which we had been unaware — and ALL of it right inside of us! Just as the seed, buried in the ground, leaves its shell, and sprouts up through the earth, turning toward the sunlight, we too, can leave behind the old stories; wrongs, hurts, failures, and turn towards the light that forever indwells us! Then, we will know spring and its newness of life throughout the whole the year! Let’s take this time to awaken from our winter slumber, to rise and blossom!

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