A Lenten Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm puts the LIFE into life; into everything we do. If we are not doing our inner work, during this time of Lent, in a spirit of enthusiasm, we are cheating ourselves out of its many gifts for us. We can generate all of the enthusiasm we need – it exists, already, right inside of us, waiting to come forth as zeal, joy, tenacity, excitement, passion and a feeling of purpose. When we release it into whatever we are doing that very thing takes on a new, higher meaning and a greater importance! The universe is here to support and sustain us, in accordance with our willingness to live in harmony with it. Our enthusiasm opens that door through which the Universe–God pours all the good we desire, in overflowing abundance. The level of our enthusiasm determines how widely we are opening that door! This week, we are invited to declare, as did Charles Fillmore, at age 94, “I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.”

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