A Living Faith

This is the first Sunday of Advent, a Latin word meaning “Coming.” Throughout history, cultures have looked for, hoped for and prophesied the coming of a Messiah – one who would save humanity from this circle of good, evil, good, evil… In Unity, we understand the Messiah to be the the Christ Indwelling, living in and through and as us as unchanging Spiritual Law! All faith is “living faith,” and operates – positively or negatively – according to how we apply it. Fear and worry are examples of using our faith negatively. However, when we KNOW the Truth of our being; when we KNOW that the law works everywhere, for everyone and in every circumstance, we can put our faith, unquestioningly, in that Law! We can direct our thoughts and feelings to be in harmony with those positive experiences we desire, and which we so richly deserve as children of God!

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