About Us

About Us


The mission of Unity Way Church is to empower ourselves and others to grow spiritually by teaching and living Unity principles of practical Christianity.

Unity Way Church is a center where people of all ages come together for healing, prayer, meditation, spiritual growth, education, service and fellowship.


1943: A Study group was formed under Velma Hutton. 1948: Unity considered it a certified study group, and assigned Rev. Samiran, and they met at her home. 1951: Six members in Vista requested a study group and met in Carpenters’ Hall on Broadway and went on to rent the Avo Theater. 1953: The Oceanside and Vista study groups combined as the Vista-Oceanside Unity Truth Church. 1956: They bought 4 acres (a fig farm) for $9,000.00 with a $2,500.00 down payment and an $80.00 monthly payment. The property had two buildings on it; a double garage and an aluminum shed that was used to store the figs from the 400 fig trees the previous owners had planted on the property. Rev. Sommer served as minister from 1958-1969. The manse was built in 1959 by Pete West, who also built the sanctuary in 1966. Rev. Victory Zarley made our wooden Unity Wings. In 1985, the sanctuary mortgage was officially paid off. In 1987, under Rev. Charles Kepler, the church was renamed Unity Way Church. On March 18, 1994, the street was named Unity Way.

We are the oldest Unity Church in San Diego County. We are grateful for the vision of our predecessors in purchasing a property and holding it debt free. Today we are blessed with a beautiful property and buildings and we salute the loving hands and hearts that have kept this Unity Way Church dream alive and functioning for the past 65 years. My vision has been to encourage church ownership, active congregant participation in leadership roles and to maintain a fun, loving, studying, healthy, growing and thriving church consciousness and community.

10 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday -Friday

PHONE: 760-726-1224

Spiritual education for our children and teens is a very high priority. Our dedicated teachers provide an environment in which children of all ages may understand and express their highest spiritual potential.

Weddings, memorial services, christenings and home blessings and other special services are part of our church life and service to our larger community.  Please contact the Church office for more information, 760-726-1224.

If you are new to our website, know that we’re glad you’re here, and we hope you’ll check back often to see what’s new. Please join us some Sunday soon for our services at 10 a.m.











Our Staff
Minister:  Rev. Michael Schoonover
Administration:  Al Colby
Finances:  Gaye Pierce
Director of Music Ministry:  Bruce Grafrath
Bookstore Manager:  Mary Keenan
Director of Youth Ministry:  Kristin Wilson
Director of Volunteers:  Kristin Wilson
Landscaping:  Al Colby

Our Board of Trustees
President:  Lorena Velez
Vice President:  Renee Larson
Secretary:  Cynthia Harmer
Treasurer:  Rick Corns
Trustee:  Neal Davis
Trustee:  Steven Lankford

Unity Way Church is a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries and is affiliated with Silent Unity, the 24-hour Prayer Ministry; Daily Word; Unity Magazine; and Unity Institute & Seminary.

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