Adult Education Ministry

Adult Education

Spiritual growth and education are important and mentioned in the mission and vision statements for Unity Way Church.  So, in addition, to the Sunday lesson, at 10 am, by Rev. Michael Schoonover, we offer adult Spiritual classes, as well.  The classes are held on Sunday for one hour beginning at 11:45 am.  Our Licensed Unity Teacher, Sandi Angotti, is the primary leader or facilitator and Rev. Michael  is usually the secondary leader.

Their goal is to provide individuals with a safe, supportive, and creative place to discover who they truly are, and to help draw out of them a deeper understanding of spiritual principles, and how those principles can be more powerfully used in their life.  They see each student, as a whole and perfect expression of God, and  on their own unique spiritual journeys of self-discovery and growth.

The classes are interesting and relevant and mostly focus on a metaphysical understanding of Bible stories or other topics, as opposed to just a worldly or literal understanding.  (The word metaphysical means beyond the physical, or transcending the basics, it is concerned with the nature of reality and being.)

The classes are usually based around a classic Unity book or a New Thought teaching.  They alternate between a lecture format and a discussion format.  The classes usually run five weeks, but you can come and go as you please.  However, If you are taking the class for credit, toward becoming a Unity Minister or Licensed Teacher, you must attend all sessions of the class.

Three times a year, we also host spiritual movies, on Sundays, with time for discussion.  Please check this Classes, Workshop and Movies link for dates and times.

We invite you to join us on a Sunday and have fun meeting fellow students and perhaps learning something new.  You can follow this Classes, Workshop and Movies link for a monthly list of classes and times.

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