Adventures in Forgiveness

“…but, but, he/she…_____________(fill in the blank). To some, forgiveness means making an injury “okay,” giving the other person a ‘free ride,” or “letting them off the hook!” In Truth, forgiveness lets US off the hook; a hook that continues to cause us pain, long after the offense was committed, that colors our future experiences with skepticism, negativity, and ATTRACTS more of the same unwanted experiences into our lives! Sound like a good reason to forgive? A fishing hook has a barb on it that KEEPS the fish from escaping! Non-forgiveness is much the same! It may be painful to remove that hook, but once it has been removed, we are free–! The decision is ours! “Forgiveness is a gift of love, from me to me.” Spirit invites us to love ourselves enough to forgive. The ball is in our court!

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