Aquarian Light

We have been in the transition to the Aquarian Age for the past 50+ years. The Age of Aquarius has been commonly referred to as the New Age; an age of enlightened thinking. However, these ideas are not new. Whereas the previous Piscean Age was governed by the Shakespearian phrase, “To be or not to be,” The Aquarian Age is symbolized by the idea: “I KNOW.” We are moving into a state of consciousness wherein we KNOW who and what we are, our relationship to God, the Universe and each other. This transition can be very uncomfortable on both an individual and global level (chemicalization). Since our only influence on the Global level is to raise our own energy, we are invited, this week, to take advantage of the following tools to do just that:
1. Have a daily spiritual practice, be it prayer, reading, meditation, etc.
2. Don’t give in to fear, despair or anger. Realize the cause and stay centered
3. Don’t be a victim! You are the only authority over your mind and emotions
4. Be a source of light. In LIVING the truth of your divinity, you raise others around you;
you ARE the light of the world!

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