Prospering Penny Power

“Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck!”  We remember this rhyme from childhood with an inner smile at our innocence as children. However, it is truer than we realize!! Unity’s Tracey Street church started with a single penny, given in jest. Charles Fillmore, however took it and blessed it!! He realized that the penny is but an inanimate object. Yet, the IDEA BEHIND it is one of dynamic power; that of unlimited prosperity, ever available to us by right of consciousness! We increase our prosperity through a number of ways, the first being faith—that is IS ours, as children of the Most High! We increase it through gratitude for that which is manifest in our lives, NOW. And, we increase it through SHARING, in which we become the inlet and the outlet of God’s divine idea; an idea which WILL MANIFEST according to our willingness to live and act in harmony with Spiritual LAW!!

A White Stone Beginning

Plato told us, “The beginning is the most important part of the work!” Unity Way Church’s annual White Stone Ceremony celebrates the fact that, in truth, we can ALWAYS, at any moment, start over. Biblically, the white stone signifies acquittal, setting us free and giving us a new name, (spiritually, a new identity/consciousness). As we start this New Year, we can do so renewed in mind and spirit, free from past errors and shortcomings, carrying inside the ability to triumph over whatever challenges we may face. Happy New Year!

Building Bridges

OLD question: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” (In this case, the bridge!) There is but one answer to this question, and that is: To get to the other side! In this life, we will cross many bridges!! The type of bridge will determine the NATURE of what is ON the other side! There are bridges of anger, fear or resentment. They lead to entrapment, discontent, physical ills and worse! There is a better way!! There are also bridges of forgiveness, understanding and compassion all of which lead to FREEDOM, GROWTH AND PEACE! We are invited, this last Sunday of 2020, during our Burning Bowl Ceremony, to leave all this year’s challenges behind; to take with us only those lessons we learned from them. God uses everything for good. Let us be open to that good that we might see it! Happy New Year, one and all!

Gifts Of Christmas

The most exciting part of Christmas, for children is of course, is SANTA, and the presents! Let us, as adults, however, remind ourselves that WE are the gifts of Christmas! The Christmas story is OURS! The perfect Christ child, born of a virgin, is replicated in and through and as US, as we allow the Divine Oneness, the Love and Peace to express through us, not just on this one Holy Day, but throughout the year! It all starts in our hearts, as we allow the Christ Spirit, born anew, each time we remember our Oneness with the Father and each other. And, like the star in that wondrous story of old, it will shine forth, drawing all into the higher consciousness of peace, love and joy! We are being called to BE the Christmas Story, allowing the Indwelling Christ to come forth–as those spiritual qualities the 12 powers represent in us–today, and always! Merry Christmas!

Joy It Up

“Joy to the world!” One of the most-often sung Christmas songs. The following line, “the Lord is come!” completes the whole message! Joy is not a temporary “feeling” that we get from some worldly situation which, perhaps, goes our way, today. Joy is a gift of the Spirit which, when we are open to it, fills us with gladness, in the simple, yet MOMENTOUS, knowing that we are one with the Most High; the author of ALL Good!! Joy is a choice WE make! Nobody else can make it for us! When we so choose, joy will color every part of our lives with heretofore unrealized meaning! Ordinary things will become filled with beauty. Formerly unimportant things will take on wondrous meanings! Joy is Spirit!! Joy awakens us to Its presence in everything from the greatest to the most minute! We are here to BE JOY made manifest!! This Sunday, we are invited to BE that which we ALREADY ARE–JOY IN THE WORLD! Time to “Joy It Up!!”


Love is more than just a “feeling.” It is the power that binds the whole universe, from the atom to the galaxies! It is also the pure essence that binds the whole human family! Love manifests, or expresses in different ways! Per 1 Corinthians 13:4, “Love is patient, love is kind, it is not envious. Love does not brag, it is not puffed up.” Love is the great miracle cure, healing not only our bodies, but all other aspects of our lives! Byron Katie stated, “It’s not your job to love me – it’s mine.” She knew, in other words, before we can love another, we MUST learn to love ourselves — “warts and all,” as the saying goes!! This week we are invited to LOVE OURSELVES, in the conscious recognition that we are emanations of the Most High, growing in our ability to LIVE and EXPRESS the Perfection, the Power, the Beauty, and the Allness of the ONE, All In All!! Love is what we ARE; the beginning and the end of our purpose, here in this world!!

Peace Seeds

As we prepare ourselves to celebrate our awakening to Christ Consciousness, within us–as exemplified by Jesus’ birth, over 2000 years ago,–we turn, this week to PEACE! Though many consider it to be passive, it is, in Truth, a VIBRANT ENERGY which will change our lives for the better! Peace is more than the mere absence of conflict! It is that inner realization that, no matter what is happening in the world around us, we can see above, we can RISE above, in consciousness, to that place where we are untouchable! Peace is the vehicle! We, however, MUST ENGAGE the engine!! We do this, first, by making the conscious decision that we WANT peace! Then, we can, consciously, KNOW our oneness with all Life, KNOW that we are the sole authority in our own life LISTEN to the still small voice for guidance, and BE the light that brings peace into the world around us! As we plant the seeds of peace in our own consciousness, we are opening ourselves and the world to their sweet fruits!

This Sunday is the beginning of Advent, which means “coming.” The coming of the Messiah had long been foretold. Today, we celebrate our conscious realization of this coming in US. This week, we celebrate Faith and Hope, one of the Twelve Powers of the Christ–that within us which looks forward to the manifestation of our Good with a surety born of knowing that the Law of Truth works unfailingly. Faith, born in us from the beginning, is the same today as it was in Biblical times. It is always within us, FOR us, waiting to be used BY us. It can give us the strength and determination to continue on our chosen paths until we bring our dreams into fruition.

Thanksgiving Day

“Thank You, God!!” We often use this phrase nonchalantly, or even in jest! This Thanksgiving Day, we are invited to take a deeper look into gratitude for all the wonderful blessings we truly have! To be thankful, we must, however, be AWARE of our blessings! Taking another step; to be aware, we must be actively SEEKING that awareness–we must be looking for those things for which we can be thankful. Thanksgiving Day celebrates the harvest! The seed of that harvest begins within us! As we acknowledge and appreciate our blessings, we are planting the seed, which produces its own fruit–more and more blessings!! In THIS understanding, we say, wholeheartedly, “Thank You, God!”

Spiritual Wake Up Calls

Life sends us many wake-up calls. Portia Nelson’s “There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk” tells of her “struggle” not to fall into the same hole, repeatedly. The hole in her story represents the many wake-up calls that life sends us! However, we must be vigilant, if we are to see or hear them! And, we must be willing to receive their messages! Third, we must be willing to take those steps indicated to avoid the pitfalls in life!! Last, but not least, we must be willing to value ourselves, as sons and daughters of the Most High; to live the Good that God is constantly seeking to express in and through and as us!!