The Calling

How many of us has, at some time, thought, “What am I doing here?” Seems we all are searching for the answer to that question on one level or another. Jesus, in John 12:32 gave His answer; and, perhaps, the answer for us ALL: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” This doesn’t mean that we have to suffer the cross, as He did, but we WILL, each and every one, be called to carry our own! We each have a calling to be “lifted up” in some way; to shine a light to help others, to BE that perfect image and likeness that God created us to be!! The good news is that God, indwelling, is constantly, forever loving us, supporting us, giving us HIS guidance, strength and endurance–EVERYTHING we need–to do that perfect work: Our Calling!



We’re familiar with all of the sayings! There are probably more about Karma than any other law; “As you give”…”Do unto others”…or more from slang language; “You asked for it!!” What we may fail to realize is that Karma–both good and bad–is not something that happens TO us, but rather, THROUGH us! It is part of the law of attraction, the law of giving and receiving and the Truth that ALL is ONE! We cannot do unto others, give unto others or take from others without doing to, giving to or taking from Self! This brings us home to the questions: “Do I love myself, respect myself, forgive myself?” For it is in answering these questions that we will determine our Karma; the fruit of our seeds of self-love, self-respect, self-forgiveness or lack thereof! The law is totally impersonal!! This week, we are invited to do some self-analysis. Karma will be waiting for our answers!!

Spiritual, Not Religious

There is an old saying, used by people who have already been “there:” that goes like this: Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell; Spirituality is for those who have already been there and back.” Unity, though Bible-based, teaches from the spiritual aspect. It acknowledges Universal God Presence, God Love and God Intelligence AND God’s Universal Law in place from the beginning, and how they are alive and active IN US! Unity teaches how, in addition to our denials, affirmations and requests of God, our thoughts, words and actions are also ALL forms of “prayer” and that these prayers we pray, sometimes unwittingly, WILL be answered in our experience! Herein lies our power! We have learned that God, hearing all, answers THROUGH all; if we will only be watching and listening! A bird in flight or a horse grazing in some field–if we are in tune–may be the perfect answer to some question which we have presented. Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind WILL manifest, if we nourish it with repetition and faith!! Let us plant seeds of peace, love, harmony, joy and ALL that we would have God manifest in and through and as us!

“LIBERTY!” A divine idea—and a messy idea!! With it comes responsibility!! Often represented by “Lady Liberty;” a figure that represents receptivity. Liberty is a gift we receive from God! As we celebrate the birth of our nation, we are reminded that the freedom we share is a Sacred Idea in the Mind of God! Created in the image and likeness, man MUST be free to choose. We are invited, this week to choose, not according to how the world does, but according to how Spirit leads. We are invited to access that lead through prayer and meditation; to follow its principles in our everyday lives. In so doing, we shine the light of True Freedom for all to see and to follow. Indeed, our freedom will be a magnet, drawing all to Itself; the Indwelling Christ!

Truth Stones

Since Biblical times, and before, man has set up alters to worship, according to his understanding of God. Then, Jesus told us to worship neither here nor there, but “in Spirit and in Truth.” What mankind had failed to realize until this time, was that his TRUE ALTER was his own consciousness–not made of material stone, but of those non-destructible “stones” of Love, Higher Realizations of his oneness with God, Faith, Strength and ALL that God IS! The TRUE church is within us, and by our thoughts and words, we are constantly holding a service! We are invited, this week, to be AWARE of this; of the enormity of blessings it can bring upon us; those of peace, prosperity, health, love, joy and freedom! We are invited to gather these stones of faith, willingness, surrender, love and forgiveness and more–and to pile them high in our consciousness! Thus will we truly build a worthy Alter to the Most High God!!

Father’s Day

Every year, on this day, we celebrate Father’s Day!! We gather the family together and, perhaps, have a big barbecue! What a wonderful time! However, there is a higher, more serious aspect to father’s day; one of joy that surpasses that of gatherings and food and fun and laughter! It is that of remembering and celebrating the love, guidance and protection of our Heavenly Father!! We are Spirit, born of Spirit!! We are Life from Life! To some, our earthly fathers were our only example of Father God; imperfect at times, unpredictable at others, whereas our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS perfect in every way, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! Where our earthly fathers, truly loved us, God’s love is so much greater, more steadfast, and ever-present! So, let us CELEBRATE our earthly fathers!! Let us THANK them for all their sacrifices on our behalf! Let us LOVE them with all our hearts! But let us do this in the knowingness that they are but a tiny “fraction” of the ALLNESS of the One who CREATED and LOVES us, UNCONDITIONALLY, FOREVER!!

Psalm 23

The 23rd Psalm has been recited by Christian, Jew and non-Christian alike! It is our assurance–an all times–of the Father’s constant support, guidance and love for us.Attributed to King David, by some, it details the many ways in which God cares for us, heals us, keeps us from harm and fear! We are invited, this Sunday to reaffirm each of its messages for us. Then, in turn, we are invited to be the Good Shepherd of  our own thoughts, guiding them, assuring them, keeping them at peace! As God has done for us, we are to do for our “thought sheep.”

Divinity Realized

“I am in the Father, and the Father in me.” (John 14:11) These words of Jesus had to have been mind-blowing for the disciples. But, when we realize that these very words are also true of US–when we REALIZE our Divinity–this realization also, as with Jesus, carries a responsibility–that of expressing it fully! Our Divinity is not something to be attained, but rather, it is born in us from the start! God has placed in us everything we need to live a wonderful, meaningful, purposeful life–EVERYTHING!! This morning, we are invited to take a closer look at what all of this means, to realize it, accept the ramifications of it and to put it to work in our daily lives–to LIVE IT!! As children of God, we are wonderful, creative beings! We are invited to celebrate this Truth! It is the key to a life of Divine blessings!

Memorial Day

Freedom! God gave us free will! He did this for a purpose; that we might be able to CHOOSE to abide in His wisdom, love, strength, His ALLNESS! When we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we do so in the realization that He endured the Crucifixion to SET US FREE from the BELIEF in DEATH! Freedom!! Through the ages, men have died for it. Here in America, we celebrate the bravery and dedication to freedom for which so many have given their lives! On an historic note, Memorial Day was started following the Civil War, when freed slaves found a mass grave of Union Soldiers, dug them up and gave each of them a proper burial!! Today, on Memorial Day, we continue celebrating this same Spirit of Freedom, on a national level! Let us never take this most precious gift from God for granted! Let us give thanks for those who have helped preserve it! Let us receive from them that courage and make it a part of our own consciousness!!

Rock Bottom

“God, help me!!” Three words! The universal prayer that has led addicts to being clean, alcoholics to sobriety; that has led countless people to new and higher walks in life! It has been said that willingness is in direct proportion to pain and/or discomfort! This place, however painful it may be, in the moment, is what God uses to bless us in countless ways. This is the place where we become OPEN and RECEPTIVE to His guidance and WILLING to do whatever it takes to follow Him! Rock bottom forms the solid foundation upon which a new life, a new way, a new consciousness can be built!! Embrace it! Call it good! Romans 12:2 tells us, “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Rock bottom is both the foundation and the springboard!! New adventure awaits!!