Letter from Our Minister

After deep and prayerful consideration, Mickie, our board president and I have agreed that it would be prudent to temporarily suspend all Unity Way Church Sunday Services, activities and classes, during this current Corona virus situation.

Our plan for the next couple of weeks is:

  • To fulfill the requested manner of maintaining social separation, the weekly Sunday service will be videotaped, dependent on our acquisition of proper equipment. At any rate the Sunday lesson will still be on our website, here.
  • The church office will remain open Wednesdays through Fridays, possibly with reduced hours, which will be posted on our website, if they are put in place. Until then they are 10am – 4pm.
  • We will update the website and our FB page with all new info as the situation requires. Please check for updates.
  • We are encouraged to remember and LIVE the Unity principles of Spiritual Truth, acknowledging God as the ONE power and ONE presence, in the face of all worldly appearances of lack, limitation or other imperfections.
  • I will be available to answer any/all questions. Phone or email me: 760-726-1224 or unityway@unityway.com
  • I am knowing that our congregation will realize that, even though we will not be holding regular church activities, our overhead expenses and obligations continue. Donations can be made on our church website at https://unityway.com, or sent via US Mail to 171 Unity Way, Vista CA 92083.

I am holding in consciousness the Christ Nature in each and every one of us, and in all humanity. Knowing that in the Healing Christ Mind it is now so!

Etheric Blessings,

Rev. Michael A. Schonover

Prayer Revisited

Seek ye first the Kingdom! This is what prayer is always about! Whatever else we think we want, in Truth, it is always some manifestation of the Kingdom! Prayer is the key that opens the door. Charles Fillmore called it “the most highly accelerated mind action known!” Through it, we don’t change God, but rather, seek realignment with Divine Mind! When we say, as did Jesus, “Thy will be done,” we are opening ourselves up to greater good than we, in our human consciousness, can conceive! Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven!!

White Stone: Beginning Anew

Last Sunday, with our Burning Bowl ceremony, we released the old; all that no longer serves our highest good. This Sunday, we all received a white stone. In ancient times, this symbolized a number of new beginnings, the least of which was the release from prison. So, as we enter the New Year, we are invited to enter a new consciousness; to make ourselves receptive to new opportunities for growth, for higher understanding, and for higher expressions of our True Christ Nature! As we allow Spirit to guide us, we will write our NEW Name (Nature) on the white stone we have received. It will be the rock on which we stand throughout the year!

Habits, Like Slippers

Remember that last pair of slippers you bought? At first they just didn’t feel right. Then, slowly, they became SO wonderfully comfortable. Now, they’re showing some wear; maybe it’s time to replace them! Habits are like those slippers! To be noted: Not all habits are bad, however some can yield to even BETTER ones! This Lenten season, we are focusing on creating some new habits; ones that will manifest richer, more meaningful experiences in life. We are invited to release those habits that no longer serve us: resentment, self-condemnation, judgement or whatever falls short of the Truth of our being. These new habits-in-the-making may seem strange, at first, and not all that comfortable. However, if we will steadfastly work at establishing ourselves in their practice, we will enjoy an Easter awakening/rebirth beyond our expectations!

A Satisfying Life

Everything we need for a satisfying, fulfilling, abundant life awaits right inside of us! That we look outside of ourselves says that we really don’t know who and what we are, or our relationship with the All-In-All; I AM! We will experience life, according to our habitual mental choices; thoughts, words, feelings – and those memories we choose to relive! We can change these habits, replacing the not-so-pleasant ones with others that will enable us to experience the health, joy, freedom peace and love that we brought into this world, within us. The way is clear! No need to wait! Seek first the Kingdom! Here! Now! Inside!

Why Not You?

“Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” Actor John Wayne gave us this bit of truth! There are so many wonderful things waiting to be discovered, to be experienced by those with the courage to step into the unknown! What stops us from living the health, abundance, freedom and joy which are all part of who and what we are? One thing: Fear! Fear has been described as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” This week we are invited to hear and heed our own souls’ urging to, “Go forth! Live! Be! Rejoice in your oneness with the All In All!” It’s waiting for everybody! Why not you?


We are told, “Love therefore is the fulfillment of the law.” –Rom 13:10. You may ask, “What law?” The law above all others, that states that we shall receive as we give. This does not only refer to those around us, but to that which we do; our work, our play, our creative endeavors! If we do them with love they will blossom forth! However, before we can GIVE love we must HAVE it; we must first learn to love ourselves; this includes respecting ourselves, taking care of ourselves and being willing to strive to express the Truth of our being! It can also mean being open to the simple pleasures of the world! Charles Schulz says, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Mapping Peace

A map is an important tool in getting us where we wish to go. It can come in many forms; an atlas, a road map, or a street map of some particular city. Or, it can be in spiritual form; the divine idea of peace. We often think of peace as a destination. However, there is no WAY TO peace; peace IS THE WAY. As part of what we are, peace can be our guide, our map, our way-shower to health, prosperity, loving relationships, fulfillment of whatever desires we hold in our hearts. This peace which is part of our very nature does not mean that there will be no storms; it means that we will be the calm center in the midst of any storm.

Reality of Change: Reprogramming

Change is inevitable. The only question is HOW will we change? The mind operates very much, like a computer, on “default programs;” certain sets of ideas, beliefs and reactions to which we repeatedly turn, in the face of differing situations. This week, we are invited to “reprogram” our minds from the programs on which we are operating; to change from the ego consciousness program (anger, fear, regret) to that of the Christ Consciousness (faith, joy, health & prosperity). We are invited to act not in response to the world of effects, but from the knowingness of our oneness with God! And, As we do, we can be sure, CHANGE will come! It will be INEVITABLE!!