I See You

When we forgive we are doing two things: we are seeing through our own misconceptions of self and we are seeing through the other’s misconceptions of self.  We cannot do the one without doing the other. Forgiveness relinquishes any need for revenge, or “an eye for an eye.” It is about seeing through the eyes of God, which never condemns.

What's In It For Me?

Today, as we honor the volunteers in our Spiritual Community, we honor that Spirit of giving, showing up in each volunteer and the Law of Giving and Receiving as it shows up in the universe! Man is hard-wired to give, and service is one way of giving; it is one of the five love languages. The consciousness of giving and service has made our church what it is today; a loving, healthy, happy congregation of Truth seekers, supporting each other in our spiritual journey.

Self-Conscious In God

Every Sunday, we are invited to a higher understanding, experience and expression of God. Today, we delve into the path to these three. That path is prayer. We don’t pray to create something or make it happen, we pray to align ourselves with Spiritual Truth and, seeking first the kingdom, all else is given to us. We don’t pray to a God “out there,” but from our understanding of our oneness with God.

God Bytes

“Why is this happening?” “Why is this happening to ME?” “Why is this happening NOW?” And, “What should I DO?” We’ve all asked these questions. Only Spirit has the answers, but we have to be listening! The answers come as “bytes” – as in computers – little pieces of info;  not because the whole answer isn’t already there, but because we are not able, for some reason to receive it. We have to make ourselves open and receptive to the answers IN THE SILENCE!

We're Invulnerable

We all want to be free! Some will go to extremes to obtain or maintain freedom. Are we willing to go to the “extreme” of watching our every thought; of remembering our oneness with God? Only this way will we be free from, and invulnerable to, the ills (disease, want, disharmony) of the world.

We Are Wondrously Made

In Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages known to humankind, the word for prayer is “pal-al” which means to see oneself as wondrously made. Prayer is not about getting “stuff,” but rather about healing; about seeing ourselves in Truth, as emanations of the One which is all in all. Ernest Holmes wrote, “Healing is not a process, but a revelation…;” the revealing of our own inherent perfection – seeing ourselves as Wondrously Made! By Law, the manifestation must follow.

Live Long and Prosper

Many limit the word, “prosper” to financial issues. However, it also means to grow, thrive and flourish. So, the term really includes all areas of life. Here at Unity Way Church, we are dedicated to healing, which also includes all areas of life. As Charles Fillmore said, “Healing follows the understanding of Truth.” As we understand Truth to ever greater degrees, we come to know our real identities and so heal our finances, our bodies, and our relationships so that we, as per Mr. Spock’s blessing, may “Live Long and Prosper.”

Chop Wood, Carry Water

There is an old Zen saying: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” In other words, we still live life, and face its many challenges. However, we live it from a higher perspective and with a different attitude. As we heal our thoughts, the challenges in life become less daunting, and we are more able to rise above them with an ease we didn’t know before.

Release Your Fears

We are powerful creators; much more powerful than we realize. However, sometimes without realizing it, we create out of our subconscious fears, rather than our conscious desires. In this, the last talk in the series on Joseph Murphy’s book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” Rev. Pam will give us tools to: A. uncover those fears and, B. eradicate them. The best part: once we have made the decision to change, we are 51% there!