Choose Happiness

Happiness is our choice; we have no one to blame and no one to change but ourselves, if we are not happy. Moment, by moment, thought by thought and image by image, we feed our subconscious minds with the substance that they will use in the manifestation of our experiences. So, happiness is not only a choice, but our responsibility to ourselves!

Trust Your Subconscious Mind

In his book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” Joseph Murphy demonstrates, through a number of examples, that a wealth of power lies below our conscious mind – ready for our use, if we will but learn how. The subconscious is limitless; space-less and timeless, and creates our experiences from the thoughts, beliefs and feelings we hold. If we are not happy with what we are experiencing, we can create a different tomorrow by changing our thoughts, today!

Practical Techniques in Mental Healing

There is a saying: “The doctor dresses the wound, but God heals it.” This power that we call God works in and through and as your subconscious mind. 90% of your mental life is subconscious. You are the pilot of your soul. Everything you need to better your life lies within you. However, you must learn how to work with your subconscious mind, how to direct it in ways that heal and bless.

Getting The Most Out of Life

In order to live lives of peace and love, health and harmony, joy and gratitude – our highest expression of that which we are – we must first understand how our minds work; we must understand how to cooperate with the supreme intelligence indwelling each and every one of us. This is the first in a series of talks on the book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” by Joseph Murphy. In it, he will give practical ways by which we can get the most out of life.

The Hole in the Donut

If we are not living in harmony with Spiritual Law, we are seeing (actually, focusing on) the hole rather than the donut! It’s time to stop just talking about principle and start living it!

Roots and Wings

We are filled to overflowing as we return from our Roots and Wings Retreat at Unity Village, wherein we also visited the Temple on the Plaza and the original church at 9th & Tracy. So what are our roots and what are our wings? Our roots are in principle, in studying it and understanding it; they are in prayer – affirmations and denials – and in the Silence. It is these that GIVE us our wings! We rise above sense consciousness into that of the risen Christ!


There are times in the lives of every Truth student when he or she may feel “stuck.” Some might call that “Rootbound.” We are outgrowing old thoughts, beliefs and ways. It is at these times when we must be willing to step into a larger idea of who we are.

How Does Your Garden Grow

In this talk, the mind and the consciousness is likened to a garden. As in the parable of the sewer, wherein some minds are likened to rocky soil, etc., and others to fertile soil, we must prepare our minds for the reception of Truth. Then, we must nurture those high thoughts and tend to them regularly. We must also take great care as to which “thought seeds” we are going to allow in our consciousness-garden!

Why Forgiveness?

There is only one sin – that of forgetting who we are, and our oneness with God. Today, we are reminded that God does not punish us for our sins; rather we are “punished” by them. We suffer the consequences of repeated error thinking. Only we can forgive by changing our minds and remembering who we are.

Graduation Day

Today’s Daily Word, “Holy Spirit,” is in commemoration Pentecost; that day when the Holy Spirit “descended” upon the Disciples and they, becoming Apostles, spoke in tongues. Gathered in prayer, they suddenly had an understanding as to “What next?” They had graduated from students to ambassadors, from followers to leaders. It was time for them to bear the fruit of Spirit, to spread the Gospel. We, too can do so on an everyday level, just by being our highest understanding of self.