Why Not You?

“Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” Actor John Wayne gave us this bit of truth! There are so many wonderful things waiting to be discovered, to be experienced by those with the courage to step into the unknown! What stops us from living the health, abundance, freedom and joy which are all part of who and what we are? One thing: Fear! Fear has been described as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” This week we are invited to hear and heed our own souls’ urging to, “Go forth! Live! Be! Rejoice in your oneness with the All In All!” It’s waiting for everybody! Why not you?


We are told, “Love therefore is the fulfillment of the law.” –Rom 13:10. You may ask, “What law?” The law above all others, that states that we shall receive as we give. This does not only refer to those around us, but to that which we do; our work, our play, our creative endeavors! If we do them with love they will blossom forth! However, before we can GIVE love we must HAVE it; we must first learn to love ourselves; this includes respecting ourselves, taking care of ourselves and being willing to strive to express the Truth of our being! It can also mean being open to the simple pleasures of the world! Charles Schulz says, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Mapping Peace

A map is an important tool in getting us where we wish to go. It can come in many forms; an atlas, a road map, or a street map of some particular city. Or, it can be in spiritual form; the divine idea of peace. We often think of peace as a destination. However, there is no WAY TO peace; peace IS THE WAY. As part of what we are, peace can be our guide, our map, our way-shower to health, prosperity, loving relationships, fulfillment of whatever desires we hold in our hearts. This peace which is part of our very nature does not mean that there will be no storms; it means that we will be the calm center in the midst of any storm.

Reality of Change: Reprogramming

Change is inevitable. The only question is HOW will we change? The mind operates very much, like a computer, on “default programs;” certain sets of ideas, beliefs and reactions to which we repeatedly turn, in the face of differing situations. This week, we are invited to “reprogram” our minds from the programs on which we are operating; to change from the ego consciousness program (anger, fear, regret) to that of the Christ Consciousness (faith, joy, health & prosperity). We are invited to act not in response to the world of effects, but from the knowingness of our oneness with God! And, As we do, we can be sure, CHANGE will come! It will be INEVITABLE!!

People Who Don’t Get It

Everybody needs to find his or her own way to awakening. We are all on separate paths, each traveling at the speed our own consciousness can take us. While evangelical-type churches teach proselytizing, Unity teaches a slightly different mode of helping others along their path; that of allowing the light of Truth to shine in and through and as us! To do this, however, we must be willing to LIVE the Truth that we know, to our highest understanding and ability! This involves work: prayer, meditation, willingness to release old negative self-talk or resentments, and willingness to heal and CHANGE! As WE learn to allow the Christ to inhabit our thoughts and shine through our words and actions, Spirit will draw all to Itself! For this are we born; for this purpose have we come!

Heart-Minded Flexibility

“Heart-Minded Flexibility,” you may say. What is that? Why would I want it? And, how do I get it? So often, we go through life on “auto-pilot,” reacting to things the same as we have been conditioned, since who knows when! Heart-minded flexibility is that way up out of the rut into new, expanded understanding of Truth. It is the God-given ability in each of us to say to ourselves, “I choose a different thought! A different reaction!” And from there, we can rise above circumstances. Oh, and that rising is the very reason we just might want it! It offers us peace in the face of turmoil, renewed faith in the face of fear, strength to overcome. And, last, but not least: how do we get it? Prayer, meditation, study. Prayer, meditation, study. And, again, prayer…(you get the picture)…until we can actually put the principles we are learning to work in our lives on a daily, moment-to-moment basis! The Kingdom of Heaven awaits!

Host or Hostage

We are in the world, but not of it. In this earthly experience, we can be a HOST to Spirit, allowing it to manifest in our bodies and in our lives, OR, we can be a HOSTAGE to our egos, wallowing in the negativity, the fear, the regret and resentments that are the fruit of the ego. The choice is ours. We can try to obtain what we think are our desires through our will power (ego), but that will usually find us frustrated and disappointed. However, when we allow Spirit to work in and through and as us, we will, first of all, not desire those things which are not in our highest interest, but rather those that are; the fruits of Spirit. Again, the choice is ours: Host or hostage? The universe will support us, either way.

Aquarian Light

We have been in the transition to the Aquarian Age for the past 50+ years. The Age of Aquarius has been commonly referred to as the New Age; an age of enlightened thinking. However, these ideas are not new. Whereas the previous Piscean Age was governed by the Shakespearian phrase, “To be or not to be,” The Aquarian Age is symbolized by the idea: “I KNOW.” We are moving into a state of consciousness wherein we KNOW who and what we are, our relationship to God, the Universe and each other. This transition can be very uncomfortable on both an individual and global level (chemicalization). Since our only influence on the Global level is to raise our own energy, we are invited, this week, to take advantage of the following tools to do just that:
1. Have a daily spiritual practice, be it prayer, reading, meditation, etc.
2. Don’t give in to fear, despair or anger. Realize the cause and stay centered
3. Don’t be a victim! You are the only authority over your mind and emotions
4. Be a source of light. In LIVING the truth of your divinity, you raise others around you;
you ARE the light of the world!

The Laws of Spirit: A Revolution

Ready for a revolution? Not a political one, but rather a Spiritual one! When we understand Spiritual Law and LIVE it to the fullest of our capabilities, we create a revolution of astounding impact; on our health, our finances, our lives in their entirety! As our understanding grows, we get a clearer picture of the path which is right for us, we hear that inner voice with more clarity…we just KNOW…magic starts to happen! The operative word, however here, is LIVE! If we would enjoy the fruits of this higher consciousness, we must do what it takes to attain it: letting go of old ideas, resentments, fears and embracing  trust in God’s law, knowing that it always – without fail – works for good. Then our revolution will become an evolution, and we will be on our way to new spiritual heights!

Truth Teachings: Common Sense

Thomas Paine pretty much summed our teachings when he said, “My Mind is my church.” Whatever we are dwelling upon, we are worshiping. It is only common sense, then, that if we wish good, peace, health, etc. in our lives, we must dwell on those things. Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind) reminded us (NOT a new teaching, by the way) that “Life is a blessing or a curse, according to the use we make of it…” Perspective is everything; as we believe, so shall we  receive, or better put: so shall we experience. This week, we are invited to release those thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us! Only in this way do we set ourselves free to move on to higher ground; radiating the Truth, the Light, the Divinity with which we were born.