Big Faith, Little Faith

We all have faith. It’s one of the Twelve Powers, and part of who we are. It is ALWAYS at work in our lives. Therefore, we should become conscious of HOW we are using it. Are we putting our faith in beliefs the world has taught us; preconceived opinions, erroneous ideas, negativity or fear? That is one use, (small faith) however, not necessarily the best. If we wish to change our lives, we must put our faith in TRUTH! We must first LEARN and then LIVE from Truth. Our thoughts, words and feelings all make an imprint on invisible substance which, by Law, must manifest accordingly. BIG faith is based on, and lived from, our remembrance of our divinity as children of the Most High! This week, we are invited to remember that we are one with the One!

Unity Defined by Charles Fillmore

Charles Fillmore

Charles Fillmore
Co-founder of Unity

Unity Co-Founder Charles Fillmore said: “Unity is a link in the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus Christ; our objective is to discern the truth in Christianity and prove it. The truth that we teach is not new; neither do we claim special revelations or discovery of new religious principles. Our purpose is to help and teach mankind to use and prove the eternal Truth taught by the Master.”


Meet Rev. Michael

Rev. Michael Schoonover

Rev. Michael Schoonover

Rev. Michael Schoonover, who was, heretofore, our Associate Minister, has been hired to take over the duties of Minister. Unity Way Church supported Rev. Michael all the way through his Unity schooling process, so this is a natural transition. He has been a wonderfully supportive part of the congregation and the ministry. It is with the same love that we welcome him as our new Minister.

Rev. Michael carries on in the tradition of “Principle! Principle! Principle!” Highly educated in not only metaphysical biblical interpretation, but also in Bible history, Rev. Michael brings a tremendous Spiritual understanding to the platform! He is well versed in the teachings of Unity co-founders, the Fillmores, and other early Unity authors. We look forward to a long and fruitful ministry! Principle! Principle! Principle!

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The Pilot is Love

Much like the pilot of one of those huge commercial planes can do in inclement weather, love can take us up over the storm clouds of life! Love is the great harmonizer, it is a healer, actually changing our body chemistry! So, how do we access this power within?

The Hebrew word for love is “giving.” It is the giving of self and must take form as action. It is also the key ingredient of focus; we are actually loving that on which we place our focus, be it the beauty of nature or some past injury. Whichever, the power of love will multiply its manifestations in our life experiences. If we will but surrender to the power of God-Love, within us, it will pilot us to our soul’s desired destination surely, safely and joy-filled.

An Amazing ME

We have all accepted God as Unconditional Good! However, we are told, “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matt. 5:48) This is both an instruction AND a statement of Truth! There is an amazing, wondrous potential that indwells each and every one of us – the Truth of our being! However, to access that potential and to live it, we must first accept that it truly does exist, and then be willing to allow it to express in and through and as us, on a daily basis, in the manner and to the full extend for which we have come into the world! This will mean giving up our self-criticism, our judgments of others and resentments over past injuries. An amazing life awaits us! We are invited, today, to create it, to live it, to shine it! It is our birthright. It is our responsibility! It is our gift to ourselves and to the world!

Prism or Prison

We, our consciousness, is the inlet and the outlet of Spirit. It can be as a prism, allowing the glorious white Christ Light within shine through in all its many facets, or it can, through the holding onto unforgiveness, judgements, past hurts or negative memories, block the Christ Light, making of itself a dark prison. Divine Mind contains all wisdom – everything we could ever need – but it needs an outlet to reveal itself! We are here to be that outlet! WE stand at the switch! We are, indeed, the light of the world! This week, we are invited to let that light SHINE!

Spiritual Mud Beds

Mud is the “marriage” of water and soil. It is a material representation of the divine marriage of spirit and matter, Father & Mother God; it is the mother substance of all creation. One person sees a mess! Another sees a future bed of flowers and greenery. As with all of life how we “name” it, so will be our experience be. Each situation we are experiencing is an opportunity or a catastrophe, depending on how we name it–and the name we give it is our decision. We are not here to deny matter, but rather to bless it by bringing the divine idea of perfection into each and every experience. This week, we are invited to see, as from the eyes of God, all good, unconditional love, eternal life!

Aiming For The Bullseye

Every soul coming into the world has a purpose, a spiritual goal to be accomplished. Each soul is different, with it’s own unique purpose toward which it strives, while here. One could liken the soul, and its purpose to the bullseye of a target at an archery range, with concentric circles each closer or further from the Truth of our being; the expression of that Perfect Image in which we are created! However, to hit this bullseye, we must take aim and have focus, and we must be willing to shoot again and again – to try and retry, with the help and guidance of our souls – until we hit that target! Every great person in history has hit his soul’s bulls eye. We are each being called to do the same!

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Divine Discontent is our own soul’s urging to grow, to fulfill our divine purpose; that of being our true,  authentic selves! We are born – each of us – an original idea! We don’t want to die a copy of something the world told us we should be. Being our authentic selves involves change, and that change is cyclical: we GROW then we BEcome, then we GROW into the next thing our souls want to express in and through and as us; we BEcome anew! Step by step, we move into our souls fulfillment! And, to think that all of this started with that nagging, little, not-nice feeling – Divine Discontent!

The Cleansing Flame of Renunciation

Renunciation (BTW: one of the Twelve Powers) frees us from the weight of negative thoughts and feelings, hurtful memories, fears and/or resentments which can weigh us down, slowing our journey to perfection and taking from our experience of joy in the present moment! As we let go of the past year, we can release, also, its situations, happenings, even people;  all those things we would rather not carry into the new one! As we forgive ourselves, others and the past, itself, we open ourselves up to new, brighter possibilities; greater prosperity, better health, a happier life! The Burning Bowl Ceremony is but a physical representation of this inward process. Though we usually celebrate it at the year’s end, we can do this, individually, throughout the year as a reminder that we are NEVER tied to any negative – we can use the cleansing flame of Renunciation and go on from there, lighter, happier; living the Truth of our being!