5/24: Cavalry Mindset

Our happiness, our peace, our sense of well being are not dependent upon outer circumstances; they depend solely on our thoughts and expectations. At times, we may fail to realize that these are totally in our control; WE DECIDE those thoughts upon which we will focus and to which we will lend our energy. A “Cavalry Mindset” is one in which we face and overcome whichever mental “enemy(s)” we face! The cavalry is not a single soldier, but rather an army. Spiritually, we have, indwelling, an army of tools! We refer to this state as Christ Consciousness! It is there for us, wherever we are, whatever we are facing, ready to come to our rescue. We call it into action through prayer, denials and affirmations, meditation, through our focus on Truth and through our decision to command and control the thoughts we hold.

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