Celebrating the Divine Feminine

Every word for God, in the Biblical Jewish writings, was always male AND female in nature; male being the thinking/intellectual and female being the feeling nature. This male/female pattern is exhibited throughout nature. This Sunday, we celebrate the feminine in all of us, in its many aspects and expressions! The most common expression that we attribute to the Divine Feminine is that of Love. Not the romantic kind of movies and novels, but the unconditional Love that is part of God’s nature in and through us and as us: it heals, guides, prospers, forgives – and it holds the whole universe together from the biggest galaxy to the tiniest atom. Love without intellect is foolish and easily led astray. Intellect without love is cold and lifeless. They are the perfect pair, you might say. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers, and to the Divine Feminine in all Fathers.

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