Change; Our Responsible Self

Nobody is here on this earth by chance. We all came here to grow into and realize our true Christ Nature; also known as Self-realization, Spiritual Maturity, etc. Our souls are constantly inviting us to a higher understanding and expression of all we are meant to be. So just what IS this “Spiritual Maturity” which we have come to express? Let’s start with the word “maturity.” It means to be wholly responsible for that which falls under our control. Spiritual – of spirit – Spiritual Maturity relates to our management of thoughts, words and actions. It expresses as patience, faith, empathy, and the ability/willingness to live according to principle. These thoughts, words and actions are the three things in life over which we have complete control. We are invited, this week, to be aware of them, to take charge of them and to BE the Christ, in this world.

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