Christ O’Lanterns of Truth

Halloween, for many children, is a time of make-believe; donning costumes, play-acting different parts, and YES, trick-or-treating! Then, we grow up. Many of us, however, forget to take off the masks we wore as children. We continue to live and act from those ghost-goblin ego-driven selves, allowing past ghost-goblin events; hurts, betrayals, injustices to haunt us and keep us in a state of doubt, anger  and/or fear! We waste our God-given energy! This week, we are invited to see through the appearances of things past and present; to see from the consciousness of Truth. We are invited to shine our own indwelling light. And, in that light of Truth, all appearances of lack and limitation, hurts and wrongs – those dark shadows – will fade into nothingness! We are invited, in celebration of Halloween, to be NOT Jack O’Lanterns, but Christ O’Lanterns!

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