David and Goliath Revisited

Sometimes, the world can seem too big, too powerful, too dangerous, scary, daunting and on and on! The operative word, here, is “SEEM!” When we look at the world from a “world view” it does, indeed, appear more than we can handle, and we are tempted to retreat, rather than forging ahead with whatever plan or purpose we have in our hearts! Let us, however, take a look at it from a GOD perspective! David, the small-in-stature-but BIG-in-FAITH lad who slew the giant carried five stones in his bag! These five stones represent ideas–statements of Truth–with which we can slay those fears that would conquer our hearts and enslave us! We are invited, this, week to take these five ideas, familiarize ourselves with them and make them PART of us, to be used whenever needed! We are invited to remember that there are BOTH a David AND a Goliath within each of us; and to choose wisely how we will respond!

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