Deeper, Broader Vision

The Bible tells us that, when a people have no vision, they perish. We, too, need a vision on a personal level. Are we willing? Remember! Growth can be painful! However, the consequences of NOT growing can be worse. SO…are we willing to do the work; confront our error thinking, challenge those long-held beliefs, forgive others and ourselves, too? Are we willing to invite the Truth of Perfection, in ourselves and in others, into our experience? Are we willing to awaken to our True Purpose: that of being expressions of the Most High in all we think, say and do? It’s quite a task, but we are supported, every step of the way, by that One Presence which wishes nothing other than to live Itself, in all beauty, love harmony and glory, in and through and as us! THIS is the vision we are invited to SEE, this week and always.

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