Disciplined eyes, ears and tongue

We are told that as we sow, so shall we reap. This applies to more than those things we DO! If we will go deeper, we will find that it all starts with our THOUGHTS, and they WILL show up in first of all those things we speak and then in the things we see and hear in our human experience. We attract that which we ARE! If we wish to change this life experience, it must begin with changing HOW we ARE! This is going to take constant vigilance, and dedication to disciplining ourselves. We are reminded, this week that, since it ALL begins in mind, our starting point is to set a time aside EVERY DAY for meditation, wherein we get to realize ALL the thoughts which we allow entrance into our consciousness. How we interpreted those things we saw and heard, throughout the day. And then, we are invited to use the wonderful power of the spoken word in PRAYER, wherein which we speak Truth to our subconscious mind, which accepts and begins to manifest, without fail!

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