Divine Father

The idea of fatherhood is both personal and universal. Many of our ideas about God are based on our perceptions of our own fathers or father figures. H.B. Jeffery said this about fathers: “The father of a family is the servant of the whole family. He works for them, provides for them, cares for them — in word, serves them.” Though, to some, this may not be the picture of their earthly father, it DOES contain many of the attributes of our Heavenly Father! Sustenance, direction, protection, healing; these and more could be added. And, all of these attributes are born of Love. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we acknowledge God as our Father. In that one affirmation, we are also affirming our oneness with each other and Him, and our reliance on Him for every good thing needed to live a happy, healthy, peaceful and fulfilling life.

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