Divine Wilderness

During Lent, we often “fast” from all forms of negativity, as we prepare for the risen Christ in our consciousness. As we are “fasting” from this negativity and error thought, we may find ourselves missing those familiar, albeit not-so-good favorites upon which we relied; “It’s HIS/HER/THEIR fault!” “I can’t STAND…(fill in the blank)” or, “Why should I have to forgive–do the work–be the one!” etc. Without these to fall back on, we may find ourselves groping, feeling lost. Welcome to the Divine Wilderness! It’s unfamiliar! It can be scary! But it’s right where we need to be!! God has put us here–and is guiding us through it!! Spirit is providing for us every step of the way! Let’s CELEBRATE this, our transformation period into a higher, sweeter, more peaceful, loving state of consciousness!

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