Divinity Realized

“I am in the Father, and the Father in me.” (John 14:11) These words of Jesus had to have been mind-blowing for the disciples. But, when we realize that these very words are also true of US–when we REALIZE our Divinity–this realization also, as with Jesus, carries a responsibility–that of expressing it fully! Our Divinity is not something to be attained, but rather, it is born in us from the start! God has placed in us everything we need to live a wonderful, meaningful, purposeful life–EVERYTHING!! This morning, we are invited to take a closer look at what all of this means, to realize it, accept the ramifications of it and to put it to work in our daily lives–to LIVE IT!! As children of God, we are wonderful, creative beings! We are invited to celebrate this Truth! It is the key to a life of Divine blessings!

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