Father’s Day

Every year, on this day, we celebrate Father’s Day!! We gather the family together and, perhaps, have a big barbecue! What a wonderful time! However, there is a higher, more serious aspect to father’s day; one of joy that surpasses that of gatherings and food and fun and laughter! It is that of remembering and celebrating the love, guidance and protection of our Heavenly Father!! We are Spirit, born of Spirit!! We are Life from Life! To some, our earthly fathers were our only example of Father God; imperfect at times, unpredictable at others, whereas our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS perfect in every way, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! Where our earthly fathers, truly loved us, God’s love is so much greater, more steadfast, and ever-present! So, let us CELEBRATE our earthly fathers!! Let us THANK them for all their sacrifices on our behalf! Let us LOVE them with all our hearts! But let us do this in the knowingness that they are but a tiny “fraction” of the ALLNESS of the One who CREATED and LOVES us, UNCONDITIONALLY, FOREVER!!

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