Freedom, July 4th Style

God created His image and likeness to express Self, in the world! We, as such, have everything we need to do just that! We have all the power, wisdom, absolute good, unconditional love, greatness and glory of the Father, or Divine Mind, within us! Another gift that is born in us, from the beginning, is FREEDOM! So, HOW we use these spiritually-endowed gifts is up to US! This week, as we celebrate our freedom as a people–as a nation–we are invited to realize that it was this gift–this Divine Idea of freedom–in the souls of our founding fathers that created what we call the United States of America! We are encouraged to celebrate it for what it is–a Divine Idea–and remember that it is up to us to cherish it, protect it and to keep it alive in our hearts, in our homes, in our communities and as a nation!

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