Freedom Through Flames

While most of us may think of freedom as having come THROUGH the flames, in truth, it CAN be the flames, themselves, which GIVE us our freedom! One of the Twelve Powers, taught by the Fillmores, is RUNUNCIATION! The most FREEING use of RENUNCIATION is FORGIVENESS! True forgiveness, does not  make “okay” the actions of another–one of the biggest mistaken beliefs we hold, as we hold onto resentments. Rather, forgiveness DENIES that the actions of others has ANY power over us! Another act–and a most important one–is to forgive OURSELVES! We did the best we could do at the level of consciousness we had at the time. Our Burning Bowl Ceremony gives us a physical example of the COMPLETENESS of Renunciation, as we watch our denials, written on a piece of paper, be dissolved into nothing in the fire! We are FREE, to move ahead in the consciousness of our Oneness, with The Most High!

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