Gifts Of Christmas

The most exciting part of Christmas, for children is of course, is SANTA, and the presents! Let us, as adults, however, remind ourselves that WE are the gifts of Christmas! The Christmas story is OURS! The perfect Christ child, born of a virgin, is replicated in and through and as US, as we allow the Divine Oneness, the Love and Peace to express through us, not just on this one Holy Day, but throughout the year! It all starts in our hearts, as we allow the Christ Spirit, born anew, each time we remember our Oneness with the Father and each other. And, like the star in that wondrous story of old, it will shine forth, drawing all into the higher consciousness of peace, love and joy! We are being called to BE the Christmas Story, allowing the Indwelling Christ to come forth–as those spiritual qualities the 12 powers represent in us–today, and always! Merry Christmas!

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