Give Us This Day

It’s very easy to put God first on Sunday morning, sitting in church! The music, the readings, the talk; all support us in being mindful of the Divine Presence. But, what happens when we get up on Monday morning to go to work, when we are driving down the freeway, when we are faced with an unexpected bill? It is at these times when our first reaction tends to be fear-based rather than one of faith. We are told to give God the first of EVERYTHING! This is usually implied to mean financially – in our tithing and love offerings. But, “everything” means just that – EVERYTHING! We are to remember that we are always in God’s presence, always in His care. Today we are invited to give everything: our thoughts, our desires – yes, our fears – to God, first! It is through faith that we are healed, prospered and blessed in every way! “Give us this day” is a statement of Truth: God ALWAYS gives – according to our willingness to receive.

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