Glimpses of Awareness

The Bible tells us that there is but ONE Life in ALL. In this knowing, we might ask ourselves, “What are we doing with our “share?” Do we truly know what we re, in Truth? Are we AWARE of the awesome power that is at our disposal at any moment in time? Are we aware of the monumental responsibility, to ourselves and to the world, to USE this Life, Love, Intelligence and Power that we ARE to the highest of our present capability? God can only do for us as we allow Him to do THROUGH us. The good news is that, as we become more self-aware, as we become more open and receptive to Spirit, our own Soul intelligence will lead us to higher, more loving, more joy-filled, fulfilling expressions of the Divinity that we are! However, this awareness does not come all at once, but, rather, in little bits and pieces, little “Aha’s!” according to our ability to process and use them to the higher good of all! We are ALL on an adventure into the greatest, most wonderful mystery!! This week, we are invited to enjoy the discoveries and the treasures that await us!

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