Halloween Magic

Halloween, with its ghosts and goblins, is a yearly delight for the children; getting dressed up to go out AFTER DARK, and getting candy, for doing so!! Their costumes become more and more creative, each year! So, what about US? What costumes are WE wearing, on a daily basis? Some of us wear many costumes, depending on present company or what we are doing. As we put these same costumes on, do we ever question why? We have the authority to change these rolls we are playing — for the BETTER! If we have been playing the roll of a needy person, or an unlucky person, or angry or grieving, we can CHANGE these rolls!! We can rise above any roll we have been playing, throw off that mask and costume, in exchange for a new and better one, and we are invited to do just that, this week — and moving forward!

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