Heart-Minded Flexibility

“Heart-Minded Flexibility,” you may say. What is that? Why would I want it? And, how do I get it? So often, we go through life on “auto-pilot,” reacting to things the same as we have been conditioned, since who knows when! Heart-minded flexibility is that way up out of the rut into new, expanded understanding of Truth. It is the God-given ability in each of us to say to ourselves, “I choose a different thought! A different reaction!” And from there, we can rise above circumstances. Oh, and that rising is the very reason we just might want it! It offers us peace in the face of turmoil, renewed faith in the face of fear, strength to overcome. And, last, but not least: how do we get it? Prayer, meditation, study. Prayer, meditation, study. And, again, prayer…(you get the picture)…until we can actually put the principles we are learning to work in our lives on a daily, moment-to-moment basis! The Kingdom of Heaven awaits!

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