Key to keeping our teachings practical is the idea of Holy Breath–or Holy Spirit. Biblically speaking, Spirit is female in nature, or that receptive aspect within us. To be noted: at the tomb, it was a WOMAN who saw Christ, first. By becoming more aware of, and in alignment with, our breath, we can become more aware of, and receptive to, the Life Force–the Divinity–within us, and, those Truth ideas with which Holy Spirit would enlighten us. This week, we are given steps to becoming more conscious of our breathing, thereby allowing us to awaken to each moment–the NOW–and the Divine Truths contained within it. We will hear steps to clear our thinking of limiting beliefs and open ourselves to the Universal LIFE that we ARE! We’ll learn how we can USE each breath to GROW in compassion, forgiveness, clarity, love and purpose. Every breath is a prayer; a prayer of LIFE!! Now…BREATHE!!

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