Inward Attitude

It’s the Law! Our inward attitude fills our aura and activates the Power of Attraction! (Like attracts like). The Biblical verse, “As a man thinketh, so is he” (Prov. 23:7) couldn’t put it more clearly! In light of this Truth, it would be ever so prudent for us to BE AWARE of those thoughts which we allow to run randomly through our minds, that we might learn to discipline our thinking, creating new habits thereof! The subconscious mind does not distinguish between you and me, him or her or us; it takes everything personally, and accepts it as TRUTH (whether it is or not) and sets to work manifesting our thoughts, creating our entire world; health, prosperity, happiness and freedom–or their opposites! “The kingdom of heaven is within” (Luke 17:21)! Ours is to be aware of our inward attitudes, and to guide them that we might MANIFEST the Truth of our Being, bringing Heaven into every area of our lives!

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