Jonah’s Big Fish

As with all Biblical stories, that of Jonah is to teach us Truths about ourselves, and our relationship with God and Life. Jonah is–or represents something–in US! The ship & it’s crew are something in  US, as is the storm! The “whale” is, again, something in US! When we ignore or run from a calling, and try to play small–there WILL BE a consequence! When we allow fear to be our motivating factor, rather than our understanding of Truth, or try to run from a lesson which we need to learn, or whatever is ours to do, it WILL come back to us–at a different time, in a different form, repeatedly, if need be–until God’s purpose, in and through and as us, prevails! When we climb that mountain, swim that river–or however the lesson or task appears–without hesitation, God’s strength, wisdom and courage in us grows, and we become even greater emanations of His allness!

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