Joy It Up

“Joy to the world!” One of the most-often sung Christmas songs. The following line, “the Lord is come!” completes the whole message! Joy is not a temporary “feeling” that we get from some worldly situation which, perhaps, goes our way, today. Joy is a gift of the Spirit which, when we are open to it, fills us with gladness, in the simple, yet MOMENTOUS, knowing that we are one with the Most High; the author of ALL Good!! Joy is a choice WE make! Nobody else can make it for us! When we so choose, joy will color every part of our lives with heretofore unrealized meaning! Ordinary things will become filled with beauty. Formerly unimportant things will take on wondrous meanings! Joy is Spirit!! Joy awakens us to Its presence in everything from the greatest to the most minute! We are here to BE JOY made manifest!! This Sunday, we are invited to BE that which we ALREADY ARE–JOY IN THE WORLD! Time to “Joy It Up!!”

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