Labor Day of Love

Some of us work our whole lives for the “almighty dollar” not knowing that there is something of so very much more value! This “something” can change everything about how we go about our daily 9 to 5 duties! It can’t be bought in a store, or even online. The truth is, we already HAVE it — right inside of us! That something is Love! When we do whatever work we do with a sense of a higher cause, with a sense of Love, we imbue our jobs with meaning beyond that of a weekly or bi-monthly paycheck. We come away with a sense of satisfaction, at the end of the day, that we have made the world a better place! We lift those around us, in the recognition that they, too, are playing a part in this! Whether we are a computer engineer or a janitor, the realization of our importance in the scheme of Life becomes a thing of beauty, to which there is no comparison. And to think that it all started — with a simple, yet unsurpassable thing — called Love!!

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