We all–or most of us–are aware of and thankful for those greater blessings in our lives: the raise or promotion at work, the good news from the doctor, that sale price on just what you were looking for. But, some of us, due to our busy lifestyles, may be less aware of the “Ladybug Blessings” that occur throughout our day! That car that stalled in front of us at the light, unbeknownst to us, saved us from an accident three intersections down the road, perhaps! Or, catching that cup that we accidentally knocked before it spills our coffee! This week, we are invited to be aware, moment to moment, of these little blessings, and to give thanks for them, AND for those little things, even, that may not LOOK like blessings, simply because we don’t see the whole picture! In giving thanks for the little ones, we open up the way for the larger blessings to come into our lives!!

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