Life’s Owner’s Manual: It’s Us!

TRUTH believes in US! It knows our power, our greatness, our divinity! This week, we are invited to believe in ourselves – in the TRUTH of our being! The two most important days in our lives are, first, the day we are born and, second, the day we realize WHY we were born! We can live this Truth, or we can put on masks in an effort to live our own made-up illusions; not good enough, not smart enough, not….not….not…you get the idea. However, if we will pay attention, Truth teaches itself! It is all within us, waiting to be tapped. All of life’s “problems” are really spiritual opportunities, showing up as everyday problems! The ups and downs we experience in life are like training wheels! As we learn and grow in ability, we are writing our own Owner’s Manual, to which we can refer at any time! We write each chapter of our owner’s manual according to Truth or according to error. The choice is ours.

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