Light Your Own Match

Affirmations and denials can be likened to matches! They can spark light into those darkened corners of our lives; those unseen places where we are afraid, angry, weary or where we lack self-confidence or courage to carry on! In order to light a match, we must strike it against a course surface; in life, those things that trigger our negative thoughts or emotions. So, through denials and affirmations, we can strike the appropriate “Truth Matches,” against whatever challenges we are facing! However, WE, individually, are the only ones who can light those matches! No one else can do it for us. EACH of us must access those spiritual powers already WITHIN! Nobody else can do it for us! From our Wings of Song book: “We search and search in outer ways to find our happiness. But when we turn to power within we turn from ‘No’ to ‘Yes!'” The match is in OUR hands! We are invited to strike it and start that inner fire which will illumine our whole world!

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