Luck In Your Largest Life

Ah, the luck o’ the Irish!! We celebrate it on St. Patrick’s Day, every year! We claim good luck with four-leaf clovers and rabbits’ feet and any number of other “good luck” charms. Our faith in these may, indeed, produce some form of luck. But, what–really–IS this thing we call luck? Chance? God doing us a favor? As Truth students we have learned that everything in the universe happens according to Divine Order and Divine Law! We have learned, also that everything must partake of the nature of its cause. In layman’s terms, our thoughts–those we hold, consistently, in mind–produce after their kind! OUR THOUGHTS PRODUCE OUR “LUCK!!” When we put our faith, our belief, in a luck based on happenstance or chance, we relinquish our power! This week, we are invited to reclaim that power and attract ALL the Good that we desire by being AWARE of and DISCIPLINING our thoughts! Others will look at us and call us lucky, but we will know the TRUTH!!

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