Master Mind Path

Each person has his or her own special, individual path to walk. None is like any other. Yet, upon closer examination ALL have one purpose: to lead each soul home to the Truth of his/her Being; sons and daughters of the Most High God! Our individual part comes in determining HOW we will walk our path; we can do it the easy way, or the hard way–the short way or the long way–the high road or the low road–the straight and narrow or the bumpy, crooked way!! Spiritual law will not try to dissuade us from the latter, but rather always says, “Yes!” however we choose! This week, we are invited to KNOW our divinity, our sacred purpose for BEING; we are invited to LIVE the Christ Spirit that we are called to express. It’s there inside of us, we may as well shine it for all to see. As we do, we will also be lighting our own path!

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