Meditation: Passkey

This world, at times, can have us thinking we are its prisoners; no way up or out of the challenges we are facing, no way through the muck and the mire! This world would have us thinking it is all that there is! But the TRUTH is that there is a whole different perspective through which we can view our lives and this world in which we live, and THAT is through the eyes of Spirit, Indwelling! It knows only Good, only Love, only Life eternal! It is who we are, in TRUTH! However, we must seek this essence of SELF, continually, if we are to be free! We do this through meditation–our passkey to the peace, harmony, love, health, prosperity that we are in TRUTH! Meditation shows the way, and opens the door to All that God is, in and through and as us! This week, we are invited to pick up and USE this marvelous tool! It is our passkey to JOY!

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