Meet Our Minister

Meet our Minister

Inspired, early on, by his grandmother on his father’s side, Rev. Michael Schoonover came to Unity Way Church in 2005, already well-schooled in the teachings of Unity. With a BA in Communications from Dordt University, in Iowa, a career as a real estate broker, an extensive knowledge of giants in the New Thought Movement, such as Emma Curtis Hopkins, Annie Rix Militz, William Walker Atkinson and the Fillmores, and with a passion for counseling and working with people, Rev. Michael brings the perfect combination of intellectual and heart-centered ingredients to the pulpit.

Rev. Michael is dedicated to supporting individuals; to helping them reawaken to the Truth of their divine purpose and intrinsic value in this life experience. He stresses that, until we awaken to the presence of the indwelling Christ; until we invite it into expression, we will be unable, or at best faltering, in the fulfillment of our soul’s intent for this incarnation.

Rev. Michael is an avid student and advocate of meditative prayer and the fostering of the spiritual vibration of eternal oneness! He practices what he teaches, knowing that to give something, one must first possess it! His classes are lively and insightful, uplifting experiences that bring Truth to life in a way that inspires the student to “Walk the Path,” to “Live the Truth” and to “Hunger for Understanding” at an ever higher, ever greater, ever more comprehensive level!

Rev. Michael’s Sunday lessons can be heard by clicking on “Sunday Audio Files” on our Home page.


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