Meet Rev. Michael

Rev. Michael Schoonover

Rev. Michael Schoonover

Rev. Michael Schoonover, who was, heretofore, our Associate Minister, has been hired to take over the duties of Minister. Unity Way Church supported Rev. Michael all the way through his Unity schooling process, so this is a natural transition. He has been a wonderfully supportive part of the congregation and the ministry. It is with the same love that we welcome him as our new Minister.

Rev. Michael carries on in the tradition of “Principle! Principle! Principle!” Highly educated in not only metaphysical biblical interpretation, but also in Bible history, Rev. Michael brings a tremendous Spiritual understanding to the platform! He is well versed in the teachings of Unity co-founders, the Fillmores, and other early Unity authors. We look forward to a long and fruitful ministry! Principle! Principle! Principle!

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