Murphy’s Law, Revisited

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!” Ever heard somebody say this? At face value, it can be pretty discouraging. However, even in our world of duality, the REVERSE is also true: “Anything that (I BELIEVE) can go right WILL go right!” It’s a choice! We are taught, in Unity, the power of our thoughts, and how the universe responds accordingly! Our lives are a perfect reflection of our thoughts, words and expectations–each individual state of consciousness! We are also taught that we have a CHOICE as to what thoughts we choose to accept and those we wish to deny or discard! SO, in TRUTH, whatever I CHOOSE to BELIEVE will happen–“I can DO this! I AM HEALING! I AM STRONG enough!”–WILL, indeed, happen! The choice–either way–and the outcome are ours!

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