Our Prayer Chaplains

Our Prayer Chaplains


Prayer Chaplains LaVoice Kallestad, Peggy Jones, Charlotte Jones and Mary Rogers

Prayer Chaplains are here to support you on your spiritual journey.
We will pray with you, listen to you and hold what is said in strict confidence. In support of our values “to joyfully reach out and support all to experience God’s transformative powers,” we reach out in prayer, comfort and support to our congregants. We pray heart to heart.

Prayer Chaplains make monthly wellness calls.
We make monthly wellness calls to church members to offer prayer, comfort and support.

Prayer Chaplains are available for prayer after our Sunday Celebration Service.
Prayer Chaplains are trained to “hold spiritual space, listen and pray.” Unlike hospital chaplains, we are not ordained and are not trained to counsel. We are a lay resource to help meet the pastoral needs of our spiritual community.

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Our Prayer Chaplains pray Heart-to-Heart

Prayer Chaplains are trained.
Unity Prayer Chaplains experience intense training yearly. We also conduct monthly training sessions that keep our skills fresh and ongoing.

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