Our Resurrection Guarantee

Romans 5;12 tells us how sin–and through it, death–entered the world by one sin of one man. Easter tells us how–again, through one man–the wages of sin were cancelled–for ALL mankind. This is because, in God, ALL is One!! Jesus KNEW this! He TAUGHT this! He WALKED and LIVED it! And, He told us to FOLLOW him! In Unity, we take this to mean that we are to adopt that same consciousness of God’s perfect Son, to walk the path of perfect love, harmony, peace, service and Eternal Life. However, to do this, we, too, MUST die–to those long-held beliefs in separation, fear, opposition, hatred and bitterness. As we do, we, too shall rise from our own self-made tombs of darkness and walk as a light unto the rest of world!! Happy Easter! This, too, is OUR resurrection day! Let us live it to the fullest!!

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